Not far from Zaimokuza beach lies the temple of Komyoji, which is said to have moved its present location in 1245. A bit off the tourist track, there are no entrance fees here, and indeed very few visitors in general. However, it is Komyoji’s solitude which is its charm point.

A wood deck provides a very nice vantage point for the lotus pond to the left of the main temple, and in-the-know locals come to sit in the shade and enjoy the beauty of the garden on hot summer days. The pagoda on the hill behind the pond makes the scene all the more picturesque. There is also a rock garden to the right of the main temple which is worth a visit.

Komyoji has 2 important events that are of interest- the first, held every October from the 12th till the 25th, is the Ten Nights of Prayer (Juya Hoyo), which gives visitors a chance to hear continuous chanting and to see distinctive monk finery, as monks from all over Japan gather to participate. During this period, the lead-up to the temple is filled with stalls selling autumn produce, wood carvings and furniture, various spices and such in a very festive setting.

The second event, the Mizai Matsuri, is a mikoshi procession that actually begins at Gosho Jinja and proceeds to Komyoji. From there, the mikoshi are paraded around the neighborhood and to the beach, finally entering into the ocean to ask the gods for a safe summer season. The atmosphere is electric as waves crash over the participants and the crowd cheers (held early June every year).

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Open Daily  7am-4pm (5pm in summer)

Entrance: Free

Address: Zaimokuza 6-17-19 Map