Kamakura-Gu Shrine

To the northeast of Kamakura sits Kamakura-Gu, a simple shrine with unusual white torii gates, which are said to represent ‘magokoro’ or purity in spirit.  The grounds are simple and spacious, with a Noh stage just beyond the second torii. This stage is put to use often in the warmer months, and hosts an annual and very popular Noh performance every September.

The shrine stands on the place where Emperor Godaigo’s son, Prince Morinaga was held captive and eventually beheaded in 1335.  After his death, his sister Yodo-ni retreated to Tokeiji in Kita Kamakura, where she became chief nun.

Emperor Meiji had the shrine built to honor the spirit of the prince in 1869. The grave of the prince can be found several hundred meters away.  It is said that when members of the imperial family visit Kamakura, this is a dedicated stopping point.

Official Website (in Japanese)

Open Daily  9am-4:00pm 

Entrance Fee: Free

Address: Nikaido 154 Map