Hokokuji (the Bamboo temple)

Hokokuji, also known as the bamboo temple, is a popular destination for visitors to Kamakura. Well manicured grounds lead you to the main attraction- a beautiful bamboo grove behind the temple. This would be the most serene spot in Kamakura, if it wasn’t for all the viewers.  Still, it is difficult to suppress a sense of awe in this natural cathedral.

Visiting on a sunny day is recommended, as rays of sunlight beaming through the upper foliage make the setting even more spectacular.  Windy days are also recommended, as the swaying bamboo compose  a mystical melody as they brush together.  In the back of the grove is a small terrace for sipping traditional green tea while enjoying the inspiring panorama.

To avoid crowds try to arrive in the early morning.

Official Website (in English)

Open Daily: 9am – 4pm

Admission: ¥200

Address: Jomyoji 2-7-4  Map


[su_box title=”Temple Data” box_color=”#8f8c2f” title_color=”#ffffff”]Official Name: Hokokuji
Sect: Rinzai Zen
Founding Year: 1334
Founding Priest: Tengan Eko
Founder: Ietoki Ashikaga
Family temple for Ashikaga and Uesugi clans.[/su_box]