Located 300 meters to the east of the entrance of Hachiman Gu, is Hokaiji Temple.  This temple was built 2 years after the fall of Kamakura on the grounds of the former Hojo Clan residences, to serve as a resting place for the souls of the 870 clan members who committed suicide during the siege. (the mass suicide took place approx. 200 meters behind the temple on the hillside where Toshoji once stood.)

Known as the ‘bush clover temple’ after the meandering shrubs which cover the grounds, Hokaiji’s bush clovers are a rare white, as opposed to the more common purple flowers.  There is a calming peacefulness here in this garden which seems almost overgrown with foliage.

The family crest of the Hojo, a pyramid of three triangle, can be found at the entrance and on tiles around the grounds. There is also building called the Taishi-Do which has imperial chrysanthemum markings and honors Prince Shotoku who was instrumental in recognizing Buddhism as a Japanese religion.


Official Website   (in Japanese)

Open Daily 8am – 4:30pm

Entrance Fee: ¥100

3-5-22 Komachi     

0467-22-5512 (in Japanese) Map