Nestled in the hills of Kita Kamakura, the grounds of Engakuji are expansive and seeped in nature. The Sanmon or main gate is astonishing in size and beauty, and passing under it’s mighty timbers, one can only imagine what awe it must have struck in pilgrims from bygone eras. The compound also boasts several ‘kayabuki’ (thatched) roofs and a lovely rock garden behind the Hojo complex.

The temple offers an early morning meditation session that is open to the public, starting at 6:00 am every day at the Butsuden building.  The Kojirin Hall is also open to the public for meditation every Saturday afternoon.

Engakuji is also the final resting place for renowned film director Yasujiro Ozu.

Official Website

Open Daily  8:00am to 4:00pm

Entrance Fee: ¥300 

 Address: Yamanouchi 409 Map

[su_box title=”Temple Data” box_color=”#8f8c2f” title_color=”#ffffff”]Official Name: Zuirokuzan Engaku Kōshō Zenji
Sect: Rinzai Zen Ranked 2 of Kamakura’s 5 Mountains
Founding Year: 1282 (approx.)
Founding Monk: Mugaku Sogeni
Founder: Tokimune Hojo
Built to commemorate those killed in the Mongolian Invasion(1274-1281).[/su_box]