Kamakura restaurants


Surrounded by Japanese gardens on both sides, Rans is a rustic lodge-inspired restaurant serving delectable Italian cuisine and luscious wines. Located just off the busy [More...]


28Bal is one of the coolest bar/restaurants in Kamakura, and also one of the newest, just recently celebrating its second anniversary. The main food here is Oden- Japanese [More...]

Garden House

Garden House mixes hints of Googie architecture into a rustic cabin interior with splendid results. West Coast sensibility meets Kamakura produce for healthy menu choices [More...]

Port Asian Cafe Dining

Port, located just across from Zaimokuza Beach is a great place to enjoy a view of the sea while having a drink or meal.  The food is Southeast Asian with dishes from [More...]

Mercer Cafe & Brunch Kitchen

Halfway up Komachi Shopping Street and slightly to the west lies Mercer Cafe and Brunch Kitchen. The open- front cafe is a great place to sit and watch the jinrikisha go by, [More...]