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Kamakura cafes


Callejero is an artsy cafe on the west side of the station, just a few doors to the right of the signal in front of Kinokuniya Supermarket.  Local artists add to the [More...]

B Gaku

A colorful cafe with bohemian overtones, B Gaku offers Spanish & Peruvian-influenced dishes in a relaxed setting. A big lotus blossom mural watches over diners as they [More...]

Mercer Cafe & Brunch Kitchen

Halfway up Komachi Shopping Street and slightly to the west lies Mercer Cafe and Brunch Kitchen. The open- front cafe is a great place to sit and watch the jinrikisha go by, [More...]


New on the scene, Magnetico is perhaps Kamakura’s hippest bar. Trendy locals toss back craft beers while listening to eclectic vinyl grooves. The interior is hand-made [More...]