Kamakura bars

Rendez-vous Des Amis

‘Rendez-vous des Amis’ is a cozy, trendy standing wine bar very close to Kamakura Station. Chef extraordinaire Takashi, a.k.a. ‘Mo-San’ is well known [More...]


28Bal is one of the coolest bar/restaurants in Kamakura, and also one of the newest, just recently celebrating its second anniversary. The main food here is Oden- Japanese [More...]

B Gaku

A colorful cafe with bohemian overtones, B Gaku offers Spanish & Peruvian-influenced dishes in a relaxed setting. A big lotus blossom mural watches over diners as they [More...]


Univibe, at the south end of Onari Shopping Street, is one of the coolest drinking spots in Kamakura.  The sign out front has a sixties San Fran feel, and visitors climbing [More...]


New on the scene, Magnetico is perhaps Kamakura’s hippest bar. Trendy locals toss back craft beers while listening to eclectic vinyl grooves. The interior is hand-made [More...]