Suzaku Charcoal Shop

Located in a charming storehouse not far from Hase Station on Yuigahama Street, Suzaku is beautifully displayed shop with everything charcoal. The main attractions here are the Japanese ceramics which have been given a charcoal finish.  Using these ceramics in daily life allows the body to slowly detox by absorbing the charcoal and minerals.  There are coffee and tea cups, sake cups and bottles, and a variety of bowls and other containers.  There are also gorgeous vases and other objects d’art which are perhaps more visually therapeutic.

The shop also sells a variety of charcoal supplements such as powder that can be mixed into hot drinks, capsules, and the like. There are chips of bamboo charcoal that can be placed in water jugs to purify your tap water. After using for about a month, simply place in the sunlight to dry out and its ready to use again.

There are prices for everyone’s budget and just looking around the shop is quite inspiring.  You will also most likely be served a shot glass of charcoal in a mild marmalade tea which is tastier than you might expect.  Highly recommended!

Open Daily  10am – 6pm

Official Website   (in English)

Address:  Hase 2-11-44 Map