Kamakura Yasai Kobo

Kamakura Yasai Kobo (Vegetable Studio) takes the Kamakura vegetable trend to a new level.

While the fresh vegetables at the market are nice, pickling the produce makes for a colorful and tasty souvenir of your visit.  There are several varieties to choose from, including Shonan red onions, bamboo shoots, and the ever popular mixed vegetables.  All are immersed in a kombu (kelp) broth with white or apple vinegar, and no artificial preservatives.

The studio also stocks several Shonan area jams. Of these, the ‘yuzu’ (Japanese citrus) flavor is said to be the most popular.

Kamakura Yasai Kobo doesn’t limit itself to just fruits and vegetables either.  There is also a selection of smoked seafoods, like octopus and shirasu (baby anchovy).  And if these don’t make your mouth water, they also offer smoked assorted nuts and plum wine.

Feel free to taste-test the vegetables before buying.

Official Website (in Japanese)

Daily:  11:00 am – 7:00 pm 

Address: Komachi 2-12-27 , Tsurugaoka Kaikan 1Floor 25A

0467-55-9628 (in Japanese) Map