Kamakura Bar

Univibe, at the south end of Onari Shopping Street, is one of the coolest drinking spots in Kamakura.  The sign out front has a sixties San Fran feel, and visitors climbing the stairs to the second floor are greeted by a mid-century modern record console. The bar is a series of nooks and crannies filled with eclectic and well-worn living room furnishings and an amber ambiance which whispers ‘mellow yellow’.

Here the ashtrays are art and the drinks are strong. A feeling of deja vu fills the air. The music is acoustic, with rock overtones. There’s a wall of guitars waiting for their next jam session, and Ma Chan, the owner, will often take a break to play a tune.

There’s food here as well- nachos are a favorite, as are  the keema curry and veggie sticks with bagna cauda.  One of Kamakura’s late night bars, you can often find people here at 2 or 3am. Hold court in one of the semi-secluded corners or make your way to the counter to mingle.

Univibe also hosts occasional live events by local and foreign musicians.

Lunchtime:  11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Bartime: 6:00 pm – ?

Official Website

Address: Onarimachi 7-13,2nd fl,  Tel:    0467-67-8458 (in Japanese)Map