Rendez-vous Des Amis

Kamakura Standing Bar

‘Rendez-vous des Amis’ is a cozy, trendy standing wine bar very close to Kamakura Station. Chef extraordinaire Takashi, a.k.a. ‘Mo-San’ is well known for his ability to cook up delectable French/Japanese fusion entrees in a tiny kitchen, while keeping the crowd entertained.

Acting as Hugh Jackman’s personal chef while filming in Japan, Mo San has published a book containing many of those dishes under the title ‘Samurai Recipes’ and some of the these may be sampled here.  The chef also offers many seasonal dishes that go well with wine and traditional Japanese spirits.

The casual, piecemeal interior is often filled with a lively crowd of local ‘foodies’ whiling away the evening.

Open: 5pm till late

Closed on Thursdays.

3-4-24 Komachi, Kamakura    0467-60-6170 (in Japanese) Map