Mercer Cafe & Brunch Kitchen

Halfway up Komachi Shopping Street and slightly to the west lies Mercer Cafe and Brunch Kitchen. The open- front cafe is a great place to sit and watch the jinrikisha go by, while enjoying a coffee or glass of wine. Pets are welcome here, and smoking is allowed in the modern high-ceiling cafe area.  There is also free wifi, so it can be a great spot to stop and plan your next move.

Adjacent to the cafe is Brunch Kitchen, which serves a variety of meals like spicy chicken salad, salmon tartar, and sirloin steak, all accompanied by the restaurant’s trademark French toast. There is another non-smoking, partially outdoor area here as well, which welcomes pets and features an brick fire pit .  The indoor dining area is spacious and modern, with comfy cushion seating, and a cozy touch of green.

The staff are friendly and well-trained, ensuring a pleasant dining experience.  In the cafe area, glasses of reasonably tasty red and white wines go for only ¥400 a glass, accompanied by complimentary chips or nuts.

If you are looking for a pleasant break from the traditional, this oasis is highly  recommended.

Official Website   (in Japanese)

Open: Wed.-Mon., Brunch: 9am-5pm, Dinner: 5pm-10pm

Closed on Tuesdays

2-6-28 Komachi     

0467-24-5512 (in Japanese) Map