Kamakura Vegetable Market


Kamakura Yasai (vegetables) have become rather trendy in the Tokyo area in the last few years. The vegetables are served in many high-end restaurants as premium produce that is rich in flavor and low in chemicals.  There are also several restaurants around Kamakura which feature Kamakura veggies and many Japanese foodies come to Kamakura just to feast upon them.

The Kamakura Yasai Market is very close to the station- just a minute south on Wakamiya Oji. Housed in a quaint but rather rundown warehouse , you’ll find farmers selling their produce here every day of the week.  The Kamakura Yasai brand is actually a collective of farmers, so on any given day the farmers and crops will be different.

Stop by and have a look around- the market is buzzing with local chefs in the early morning, but after 9am or so most of the visitors are tourists who have come to enjoy chatting with the farmers while buying something fresh to take home. Smaller than traditional farmers’ markets overseas, this charming little vegetable oasis is still worth a visit.

Open: 8am – dusk (or until vegetables sell out)

Address: Komachi 1-13-10 Map