Far East Windsurfing School

If you would like to try water sports while visiting Kamakura, you should contact FarEast Windsurfing School at the far end of Zaimokuza Beach.

Instructor Toshi Yanagizawa

Instructor Toshi Yanagizawa

Former Pro Windsurfer Toshihiko Yanagizawa is a enthusiastic instructor who speaks good English, which makes learning a lot more fun.  In addition to windsurfing lessons, Toshi also offers training for paddle board and gear and equipment can be rented here as well. The school also offers instruction for children and has wet suits and life preservers available.

Another plus for the school is that it is located one minute from the shore line in an area of the beach that tends to be more quiet, so practicing on shore and in the water goes smoothly.

FarEast has quite a community of water sports lovers and they often gather for BBQs and other events as well.  This can be a great way to meet the locals and make new friends.  Even if you are only visiting Kamakura for a day or two, taking a lesson from a seasoned pro may turn out to be a great introduction to a new hobby!

To make reservations, call Toshi at FarEast or contact through Facebook.

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Tel:  0467-25-1717

Address: Zaimokuza 6-22-6 Map