Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Reitai Festival Sept. 14-16

The annual Reitai Festival begins on Monday, September 14th, with a purification ceremony in which seaweed is brought from the nearby ocean and placed on all the gates in the shrine. This is followed by a taiko (Japanese drum) performance in the evening.

On the 15th, the main ritual is performed at 10am. From 1pm,  3 portable shrines are paraded around, and a dance is performed at the second torii gate by a group of local girls.

On the 16th from 1pm, the popular Yabusame Archery Ritual will take place with riders in traditional Kamakura costume presenting their archery skills to the gods, while riding on horseback at breakneck speed.

At 5pm, there will be another musical dance performance by Shinto Priests and Miko, after which bell crickets will be released to signify the passing of the season.

An excellant chance to see the true pageantry of one of Kamakura’s most renowned festivals!

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