Tanabata Matsuri July 7th

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine will hold a Tanabata Celebration (Star Festival) on July 7th. Colorful pieces of paper with hand-written wishes and letters of gratitude will be displayed on bamboo branches around the grounds on the evening.

According to legend, two star lovers Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) were separated centuries ago by the Milky Way and can only meet once a year on the evening of the 7th, if the skies are clear. If it rains, they must wait another year to reunite. Tanabata is celebrated across Japan on different nights, but July 7th is the most common.

In addition, Shinto Miko (Shrine Maidens) will perform sacred Shinto music and dance for the Gods.

Date: July 7  starting from 5pm

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 Address: Yuki no Shita 2-1-31 Map