Setsubun Matsuri Sat, Feb. 3rd


The Setsubun Matsuri which marks the last day of Winter, will be held at various temples and shrines around Kamakura on February 3rd. The festival is popular for its scattering of beans to chase away the evil spirits.

Here is a list of the popular places to enjoy the festival:

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

After a closed ceremony at the main shrine, a procession of men and women who are born in the year of the horse will decend the staircase to the crowd gathered around the Maidono Stage where they will throw the bean packets and lottery tickets that can be traded in for prizes. The bean scattering begins at 1pm, and tickets to participate in the event will be distributed from from 12 noon, for the first 1800 visitors so be sure to arrive early so you can join in!

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Address: Yuki no Shita 2-1-31 Map


Kamakura Gu

Kamakura Gu will hold a ceremony called Oniyarai which is a ritual to chase away devils, aimed especially at children and seniors. After the ceremony the bean scattering will take place on a stage constructed just for the event from around 3:30.

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Address: Nikaido 154 Map


After a short Setsubun Ceremony which starts at 11:30, the scattering of beans will start from 12 noon. Kabuki actor Shodo Nakamura,Tennis star Ai Sugiyama and Sumo wrestlers from Takasa Go Stables will also participate in the event.

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Address: Hase 3-11-2 Map


Kenchoji will hold a special ‘Kappone Honou’ Dance Offering during its Setsubun Ceremony which starts at 11am, followed by the scattering of the beans at 12 noon.

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Address: Yamanouchi 8 Map


Ryukoji near Enoshima, will hold a Mizugyou Ceremony from 1pm where temple monks will douse themselves in ice cold water for purification while dressed only in fundoshi. Afterwards, Oshiruko  (a warm broth made from azuki beans) will be given out free of charge for spectators. From 2pm beans will be scattered along with special prayer papers.

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Address: 3-13-37 Katase, Fujisawa-Shi Map