Kamakura Gion Omachi Matsuri July 7-9

The annual Kamakura Gion Omachi Matsuri is a great opportunity to see a centuries old Japanese festival. Over the course of 3 days, various activities are performed to ask the Shinto Gods for health and prosperity for the neighborhood.

The festival begins on Saturday with an opening ceremony followed by a mikoshi procession with men dressed in white shrine worker’s costume. As it passes through the streets, locals give offerings and sometimes pass under the mikoshi  with their children to pray for the child’s health and safety.

Later that evening, lanterns are added and the four mikoshi are paraded around the neighborhood again, at last being joined together as one, in a show of teamwork and strength.

On Sunday, there are additional performances and a lottery and on Monday evening a Bon Odori (summer dance) is held where locals in yakata dance to traditional music.

It is said that even spectators of these events receive blessings from the Gods, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy this colorful festival! You can see pics & video here.

 Date: July 7-9  

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 Address: Omachi 1-11-22 Map