Kamakura Fireworks Tuesday, July 24th

Head down to the beach for Kamakura’s annual Fireworks on Tuesday, July 24th.  Zaimokuza Beach and Yuigahama Beach will be filled with spectators enjoying the show! Opt for a prestige seat at one of the Beach Houses or just bring a drop cloth and stake out a place in the sand.

The event gets very crowded, so arriving early is recommended and also be aware that as it nears the start time, mobile phones become almost useless, so if you’re meeting friends make a clear meet-up point before hand.  If you like a more chilled setting, head for Zaimokuza Beach, if you like crowds head for Yuigahama Beach.

Also, after the fireworks, Wakamiya Oji (the main street to the station) will be chaotic and crowded, so it is probably best to find a nice bar or restaurant to wait out the train station ordeal. By 10:30pm the crowd is mostly gone, and the ride back home will be much more bearable.

Date: Tuesday, July 24th  Starting at dusk. (approx. 7:20pm-8:10)


Canceled in case of rain.