Hase No Akari (Hase Lights) Aug. 20- 26


A beautiful evening event featuring special light- ups of Hase Temple, Kotoku-In (the Big Buddha), Kosokuji, Gokurakuji, Shugenji, Amanawa Shine Shrine, Goryo Temple, and the Kamakura Museum of Literature.

Enjoy this once in a blue moon opportunity to see some of Kamakura’s most beautiful sights shine in the summer darkness! Visitors can borrow lanterns at the temples to use when traveling between the different exhibits, and can return the lanterns at their final destination. Watching all of the visitors moving up and down the streets in yukata with their lanterns creates a magical environment. And seeing the Great Buddha lit up is something not to be missed!


Official Website   (in Japanese)

Open Daily 8am – 6:30pm or dusk

Entrance Fee: varies from venue to venue

Hase area