Film Fiesta Tobe! Dakota Friday, April 27th

QK will have a special screening of Tobe! Dakota with English subtitles at QK Cafe on Friday, April 27th. Director Seiji Aburatani and Art Director Hisao Inagaki will also attend! You can choose from attending the First Showing at 3:30pm followed by a short Talk Show with Director Seiji Aburatani, or the Second Showing at 6:30pm followed by a short reception party. Tickets are ¥1500 and include 1 drink. Space is limited so we advise reserving a seat by email or telephone or FB message. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Friday, April 27th,  First Show 3:30 pm, Second Show 6:30 pm

Address: Yukinoshita 1-6-28 , Yukinoshita Ichome Tempo 103

0467-53-7669 (in Japanese) Map


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