Zeniarai Benzaiten

The entrance to Zenarai Benzaiten, to the west of Kamakura,  is through a hand-carved tunnel.  Here, the echoing of footsteps stirs up a mysterious air where shadows dance [More...]


Meigetsu-In is nicknamed the ‘Ajisai Temple’ because of the abundance of Hydrangea blossoms that cover the grounds each June.  The temple has  several other [More...]


Just beyond Jufukuji lies the only remaining nunnery in Kamakura today. Entering from the side entrance, guests are greeted by a timid brown poodle who keeps a lookout from [More...]


Located a few minutes walk from the west exit of Kamakura Station, Jufukuji slumbers peacefully away from the hustle and bustle of Komachi Dori. Upon entering the outer gate, [More...]


Not far from Zaimokuza beach lies the temple of Komyoji, which is said to have moved its present location in 1245. A bit off the tourist track, there are no entrance fees [More...]


At the top of the hill separating Kamakura from Kita Kamakura stands Kenchoji Temple, often referred to as the first Zen temple in Japan (although this claim could be [More...]


If you visit the bamboo temple, you may want to visit nearby Jomyoji as well. Although the simplest of the 5 zen temples designated as the Kamakura Gozan (5 mountains of [More...]


Hasedera is perhaps the most picturesque temple in Kamakura. Luscious grounds, immaculately groomed, offer some of the best photo opportunities in the city. Winding paths [More...]
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