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Kamakura has a wealth of cafes, restaurants, and bars to choose from. Visitors can enjoy popular Kamakura yasai (vegetables) in both Japanese and western dishes, while basking in the city’s slow-life ambiance. Here are a few of our favorites.

Kamakura Sometaro

Kamakura Sometaro is a teppanyaki restaurant that specializes in okonomiyaki and yakisoba. The space offers a charming but low-key Japanese interior with high and low tables, [More...]

The Bank

The Bank is Kamakura’s most sophisticated drinkery.  Originally an actual bank during the 1920’s , the space is an Art Deco/ Art Nouveau hybrid, with high [More...]

Wander Kitchen

Tucked away in the back streets, just off of Onari Shopping Street on the east side of the station is the endearing Wander Kitchen.  To find the small gravel alley that [More...]

Matsubara An

Matsubara An is one of Kamakura’s most enjoyable dining experiences.  Located not far from Yuigahama Station on the Enoden Line, the restaurant is situated in a [More...]

Rendez-vous Des Amis

‘Rendez-vous des Amis’ is a cozy, trendy standing wine bar very close to Kamakura Station. Chef extraordinaire Takashi, a.k.a. ‘Mo-San’ is well known [More...]


Surrounded by Japanese gardens on both sides, Rans is a rustic lodge-inspired restaurant serving delectable Italian cuisine and luscious wines. Located just off the busy [More...]

Garden House

Garden House mixes hints of Googie architecture into a rustic cabin interior with splendid results. West Coast sensibility meets Kamakura produce for healthy menu choices [More...]

B Gaku

A colorful cafe with bohemian overtones, B Gaku offers Spanish & Peruvian-influenced dishes in a relaxed setting. A big lotus blossom mural watches over diners as they [More...]

Mercer Cafe & Brunch Kitchen

Halfway up Komachi Shopping Street and slightly to the west lies Mercer Cafe and Brunch Kitchen. The open- front cafe is a great place to sit and watch the jinrikisha go by, [More...]


Univibe, at the south end of Onari Shopping Street, is one of the coolest drinking spots in Kamakura.  The sign out front has a sixties San Fran feel, and visitors climbing [More...]
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