Kamakura has always been a home to creative artists and interesting people. Here we introduce a few from the past and present.

Nobuko Yoshiya

A bit of a trail blazer, Nobuko Yoshiya was one of the most prolific writers of Japan’s Showa era, introducing the genre of ‘Shojo fiction’ (stories about [More...]

Satoshi Kamakura

You can see Satoshi Kamakura often walking around the city wearing traditional ‘mononofu’ (warrior) wear. Kamakura is the descendant of a thousand-year-old family [More...]

Setsuko Hara – Screen Legend

Setsuko Hara is one of the most famous actresses from the golden age of Japanese cinema. Although she  worked with many of Japan’s notable directors including Akira [More...]

Jiro Osaragi

Jiro Osaragi was the pen name of a famous Japanese writer who spent a great deal of his life in Kamakura. The surname ‘Osaragi’  actually uses the same Japanese [More...]