Kamakura Hiking Trails

Surrounded by mountains to the north, east,and west, Kamakura has 3 well-known hiking trails that can give you a taste of the nature that surrounds the city.  The trails are [More...]

Dress up in Rental Kimono

While visiting Kamakura, you might notice many Japanese around the city dressed in traditional kimono.  While some of these guests are actually wearing their own outfits, [More...]

Rikusha Ride

Riding in a rikusha can be a great introduction to Kamakura.  The drivers called ‘shafu’ know all the quiet backstreets and have a wealth of information on what [More...]

Gallery Aki/ Echonica Honey

Gallery Aki, which is housed in what was once a traditional liquor shop in Zaimokuza, features the photos of Yoshiaki’s father, a popular local cameraman who captured [More...]

Far East Windsurfing School

If you would like to try water sports while visiting Kamakura, you should contact FarEast Windsurfing School at the far end of Zaimokuza Beach. Instructor Toshi Yanagizawa [More...]

See Kamakura by Bicycle

Traveling around Kamakura by bicycle is a great way to cover more ground and see more sights. Riding bicycles on the sidewalk is allowed and there are lots of beautiful [More...]

Shimizu Yu Sento

Another thing you might want to try while in Kamakura is a trip to the Japanese bath, especially after a long day at the beach.  Shimizu Yu in Zaimokuza is the last [More...]

Kamakura Vegetable Market

  Kamakura Yasai (vegetables) have become rather trendy in the Tokyo area in the last few years. The vegetables are served in many high-end restaurants as premium [More...]