[su_box title=”Temple Data” box_color=”#8f8c2f” title_color=”#ffffff”]Official Name: Kinpōzan Jōchi-ji Sect: Rinzai Zen Ranked 4 of [More...]

Kamakura Boshiya Hat Shops

The Japanese love hats.  You see them everywhere- at the beach, in nightclubs, on the train, while shopping, and even at the hair salon.  They add just a dash of fashion to [More...]

Zuisenji Temple

Winding up the mountain toward the temple, it is hard to tell where the wilderness ends and the gardens begin. Half-way up, visitors must choose between a steeper ascent on [More...]

Kotoku-In (the Daibutsu)

Kotoku-In, not far from Hase Station, is the home of Kamakura’s most illustrious resident, the Daibutsu. Perhaps the most visited of all of Kamakura’s sights, a [More...]


Nestled in the hills of Kita Kamakura, the grounds of Engakuji are expansive and seeped in nature. The Sanmon or main gate is astonishing in size and beauty, and passing [More...]

Hokokuji (the Bamboo temple)

Hokokuji, also known as the bamboo temple, is a popular destination for visitors to Kamakura. Well manicured grounds lead you to the main attraction- a beautiful bamboo grove [More...]

Gallery Aki/ Echonica Honey

Gallery Aki, which is housed in what was once a traditional liquor shop in Zaimokuza, features the photos of Yoshiaki’s father, a popular local cameraman who captured [More...]

Far East Windsurfing School

If you would like to try water sports while visiting Kamakura, you should contact FarEast Windsurfing School at the far end of Zaimokuza Beach. Instructor Toshi Yanagizawa [More...]
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