Located 300 meters to the east of the entrance of Hachiman Gu, is Hokaiji Temple.  This temple was built 2 years after the fall of Kamakura on the grounds of the former Hojo [More...]

Dress up in Rental Kimono

While visiting Kamakura, you might notice many Japanese around the city dressed in traditional kimono.  While some of these guests are actually wearing their own outfits, [More...]


If you feel a bit overwhelmed by all the shops on Komachi Dori, you can easily head over to Kaya on the west side of Yakamiya Oji, which has arguably the best selection of [More...]

Rikusha Ride

Riding in a rikusha can be a great introduction to Kamakura.  The drivers called ‘shafu’ know all the quiet backstreets and have a wealth of information on what [More...]

Suzaku Charcoal Shop

Located in a charming storehouse not far from Hase Station on Yuigahama Street, Suzaku is beautifully displayed shop with everything charcoal. The main attractions here are [More...]

Matsubara An

Matsubara An is one of Kamakura’s most enjoyable dining experiences.  Located not far from Yuigahama Station on the Enoden Line, the restaurant is situated in a [More...]
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