Beach Houses- Central Swimming Beach & Zaimokuza

A list-up of the Beach Houses (Umi no Ie) on Central and Zaimokuza Beaches. Houses have a set closing time of 8:30pm, but some may stay open a bit later. You can rent inflatables, beach chairs, umbrellas and more at most houses.

Central Swimming Beach

There is only one Beach House (Umi no Ie) on Central Swimming Beach.

Head straight down Wakamiya Oji (main street) until you arrive at the beach.  Immediately to the left is Central Swimming Beach.


AsiaThe only beach house on this beach is huge with multiple balconies and lots of indoor and outdoor chilling space. Nice hippy vibe and acres of sand in front for sunning.

Open: 8am

Music: All genre, beach music

Recommended Food: Garlic dishes and Shirasu Pizza



About 300 meters beyond Asia to the east lies the much less crowded and relaxing Zaimokuza Beach. This area is a favorite with locals and although a bit of a walk, worth the journey.  It can also be reached by buses 40 and 41 from Kamakura Station, getting off at Zaimokuza Bus Stop.

Day Dreamer’s Deck

DayDreamersDeckThis popular house has been going for years, but this year has been redone with a beautiful woody feel.

Open: 8am

Music: Hawaiian, beach sounds

Recommended Food: Steak Plate

(also does breakfast)


Groovin'Relaxing beach house with groovy indoor furniture.

Open: 8am

Music: Easy Listening Grooves

Recommended Food: Chiba area Ramen



Space Shower TV

SpaceShowerTVMellow beach house with friendly staff.


Music: All genre

Recommended Food: Okinawa Soba




IppinkoTraditional beach house with raised seating and traditional foods.

Open: 8am

Music: No music

Recommended Food: Yaki soba with squid



Bull Dog

BulldogBusy & fun beach house.


Music: All genre

Recommended Food: Fried Rice, Curry




Villa del Sol

Cafe del Sol

Mike’s no frills beach house is popular with locals. Very comfy wicker chairs!

Open:8am (serves breakfast)

Music: All genre

Recommended Food: Asian dishes



Otohime Tei

Otohime Tei

Casual low-key beach house.

Open: 8am

Music: All genre, radio

Recommended Food: Shirasu Don






Simple beach house at the far end of Zaimokuza.


Music: All genre

Recommended Food: Summer Vegetable Curry