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5 Artists Exhibition at Kenchoji 9/19-24

From September 19-24th, there will be an exhibition of 5 unique Kamakura artists, displaying various works such as Kamakurabori woodcarving, wood sculpture, ceramics, and Japanese painting. The 5 artists featured will be Kishou Okunishi, Kotaro Isobe, Kenyu Mitsuhashi, Risa Ohgi, and Seiji Matsunaga.

This is a great chance to see modern Japanese artists incorporating traditional aesthetics as inspiration for their creations.  Entrance to the exhibition is free (although there is a ¥300 fee to enter Kenchoji) and artists will be on hand for most of the exhibition, giving you a chance to meet and communicate.

5 Artists Exhibition2

Official Website

Open Sept. 19-24, from  9:00am to 4:00pm

Entrance Fee: ¥300 

 Address: Yamanouchi 8 Map